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Prepare For Launch....

As a holder of a raffle ticket, you are an official member of the Space Foods Company. Please read further to learn more about our story and the ways you can join us on our new journey. Tickets can be purchased by clicking the button below.


Join the Crew

Purchase any item in our shop to receive an entry for our SPACE COMMANDER black bottle raffles. We will select one winner every 50 items sold to receive a valuable care package which will include the rare black Space Commander bottle and some other original Space Foods Company items!

  • $5 e-raffle ticket, 1 entry
  • Spend $25, 6 entries
  • Spend $50, 12 entries
  • Spend $100, 24 entries
  • (COMING SOON...) NFTs are $100 each. One purchase gives you 24 entries to our regular drawing and one entry to a separate prize pool (120 max). This separate drawing will include a black bottle and other special prizes.

Our NFTs are a premium membership. Holding one will qualify you for a separate raffle for the Black Space Commander bottle. This group will be limited to 120 members and will grant exclusive Space Foods Company prizes!

Space Foods Company NFT Space Foods Company NFT Space Foods Company NFT

Our History

Space Foods Company was an American business located in Baltimore, Maryland. An idea before it's time, the company developed a line called Galaxy Home Syrups...for Soft Drinks. The homemade soda kit collection consisted of 10 different ranks of the crew members with 8 different colors. The bottles also had a screw-on cap with flavor label. The five flavors were Cherry, Raspberry, Lemon-lime, Grape and Orange. These awesome bottles were put into production and boxed in cases of 12. We don't know when the company planned to launch these kits to the public, but in 1953 Space Foods Company filed for bankruptcy and deemed the initial launch a failure.

In 1971, our Space Ace's grandfather purchased a building for his manufacturing company. To his surprise, the building came with more than just factory floor space. The upstairs was home to thousands of these boxed crew members, who never had the chance to complete their launch. Space Ace's family has sold a few to collectors, but never found a way to tell the story of these bottles. Until now. Now, Space Foods Company has the opportunity to tell the story of these unique antique bottles. A story that we can bring to life as a community!

Space Foods Company bottles

Our Crew

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Space Foods Company Tyler
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Space Foods Company Ben
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How can I get my hands on a physical bottle?

Visit our Shop to buy directly from us or from a variety of vendors.


What's the significance of owning a Space Foods NFT?

By owning a Space Foods NFT you become a crew member which qualifies you for future giveaways, contests, and more!


How many bottles are in existence?

We won't have an exact number yet until we sift through our warehouse, but we can safely assume there are thousands left to be given out. Some have already been sold around the world and to various antique shops.


What is an NFT?

An NFT, or "non-fungible token" can be described as a modern-day collectible. An NFT is a digital asset that links ownership to unique physical or digital items, such as art, real estate, music, etc.